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Pop Songs

International co-writing sessions, Sweden retreats with The Phrased Differently team, Wozz, Universal Music Publishing…
Songs co-written with Hiten Bharadia, Iain James, Peter Wright, Toby Lightman, Wes Hutchinson, Radhika Vekaria, Adam Argyle, Jeremy Goddard

  1. Silent Movies Radhika Vekaria 3:51
  2. Don't wake me Radhika Vekaria 3:48
  3. Chains Wozz 3:14
  4. Mascara Radhika Vekaria 3:22
  5. Live This Life Toby Lightman 3:52
  6. Teenage girl Phrased Differently 3:15
  7. Chasing Dreams Phrased Differently 4:14
  8. Coming back tomorrow Wozz 3:36
  9. Talk of the Town Wozz 3:24
  10. Spirit Peter Wright 3:38
  11. Don't call me baby Yacine Azeggagh 3:23
  12. Find a way or make one Phrased Differently 3:27
  13. Drift to You Radhika Vekaria 3:41

Tracks produced by Yacine Azeggagh


Wozz is the name of a songwriting and production team consisting of Toby Lightman, Peter Wright, Wes Hutchinson and Yacine Azeggagh. Together and independently they have written and produced songs for artists such as Little Mix, Kylie Minogue, Armin Van Buhren, Joe Cocker, Vanessa Amorosi, Lara Scandar, Lena Meyer (No.1 in Germany), Tohoshinki (Japan), The Mary Broadcast band, Latasha Lee, Jeanette Biederman (Universal Germany), Tobias Regner (No. 1 for Sony/Germany), Paul Oakenfold (Maverick USA), Natalia (No. 1 for Sony Belgium).

They also have numerous movies and TV shows credits including MTV (The City) , CSI and Sleeper Cell.
Their work involves ands writing and production in a very reactive and eclectic way for the music industry.

Styles cover Pop/rock, Pop / Country, Mainstream Pop, Pop/dance, Pop / R&B / Soul and Electropop.

Other collaborators include
Lil’ Wayne
(Hip hop Legend on a forthcoming single)
Craig Wiseman in Nashville
(Tim Mcgraw, Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney)
David Gamson
(Keisha, Kelly Clarkson and Chaka Khan) in L.A
Armin Van Buuren
(World’s Number 1 trance producer)
Jon Ingoldsby
(Eminem / Madonna /Kesha / Elton John) in L.A
Rob Davis
(Kylie Minogue) & Paul Oakenfold
Lisa Greene (Tom Jones / Britney Spears / Ameican Idol / Kylie Minogue)
Chris Elliott ( Adele, Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, Matt Prime, Tim Woodcock)
Sergio Galoyan
(Tatu / Valeriya)

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