Yacine AZEGGAGH  is a songwriter-Producer based in France. Influenced by pop & folk music, he learned guitar in the 80’s and became a session musician for studios as well as a side guitarist for several bands touring in France. He started to write songs in the early 90’s for french artists. He also worked as a producer for a few local projects. In 2007 he attended his first foreign songwriting camp, in Sweden where he co-wrote with writers such as Charlie DORE (Tina TURNER, Céline DION), Kim RICHEY (James MORRISSON), Sean McGHEE (Britney SPEARS, Sugababes) to name a few. He had several cuts in Japan and Europe like the famous « Box in the ship » sung by korean band Tohoshinki who reach a gold status for both as single and platinum on the album.

Yacine is a part of « The Wozz » !
The Wozz is the name of a songwriting and production team consisting of Toby Lightman, Peter Wright, Wes Hutchinson and  Yacine Azeggagh,Together and independently they have written and produced songs for artists such as Little Mix, Kylie Minogue,  Armin Van Buhren, Joe Cocker, Vanessa Amorosi, Lara Scandar, Lena Meyer (No.1 in Germany), Tohoshinki (No 1 in Japan), The Mary Broadcast band, Latasha Lee, Jeanette Biederman (UniversalGermany)Tobias Regner (No. 1 for Sony/Germany), Paul Oakenfold (MaverickUSA), Natalia (No. 1 for SonyBelgium)They also have numerous Film and TV credits including MTV (The City) , CSI and Sleeper Cell.As a team they are unique in that they work from 3 different bases in 3 countries.Yacine is based in Paris, Peter in London , while Toby and Wes are New York based .Their work involves and writing and production in a very reactive and eclectic way for the music industryStyles cover Pop/rock, Pop/Country, Mainstream Pop, Pop/dance , Pop/R&B/Soul and Electropop.